Sunday, June 21, 2009

David Mazzucchelli Little Lulu
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From MOCCA Festival 2009 in NYC. Than you David for this awesome drawing. I just love it. And it's going to go next to my Do-Ho Suh. I think they will really compliment each other.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gary Panter MOCCA 2009
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Okay this is a Holy Grail or me. Been a fan of Gary Panters work since 1986 when I picked up his book "The Asshole" in SF. Thats Tubby's tongue gettin' a stamp. So cool talking to him too. Really nice guy.
My bro got me his new two volume book and its amazing!

Seth MOCCA 2009

Seth MOCCA 2009
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I had great time at MOCCA in NYC last weekend. Yes it was hot as hell in there but fun to check out all of the great artists attending.
Added nine new sketches to my Little Lulu collection.
And I got Seth Lulu! Wanted one when I first saw his cover to that classic Comics Journal 100 best issue.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kevin Scalzo at Secret Headquarters
I'm BAAAACK!!! bro Kevin Scalzo created a whole new series of work and has a solo show in Los Angeles at Secret Headquarters that starts on Friday, October 24th. It's a really fun looking show with some really great pieces. We hope to see you there and have a drink with Kevin.

Opening Reception
Friday, October 24th, 8-10pm
at Secret Headquarters
3817 W Sunset Blvd
LA CA 90026

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Comic Con 1980

Comic Con 1980
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Found this ad in a 1980 copy of The Comics Journal. Look who was there. John Stanley went to San Diego? Cool!! Wally Wood is my number one favorite artist. I would have died to have been there to meet him.
Though I used to go to comic conventions in the early 80's I didnt start going to SDCC until the late 90's and have not been back in a few years. Would love to go to see some of my fave artists and purchase art and sketches but the movie gawkers and gigantic crowds just turns me off. Why do they go see trailers? I guess to see the actors and directors.
Yeah, I saw the same sneak previews as they all did Friday. Its called Quicktime and youtube. Ha! I'm going to try MOCCA next year in NY and see how that is. I hear its pretty great.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sugar Booger 2 Page
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Sugar Booger #2 Kevin Scalzo
Just got the new issue of Sugar Booger and it looks fantastic.
Funny story and great art by Kevin Scalzo.
Its a full color book and the pages look like they were dipped in kool-aid packets.
You can get a copy at Last Gasp. They rock too.

Okay Kevin, when are we going to see a SB toy? With additional booger accessories. Ha!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Henry Ian Cusick Lost in Wakiki

Henry Ian Cusick
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Found this photo from last novembers trip to Oahu.
Walking around Wakiki when we noticed a familiar face at the surf rentals at Queens. It was Henry Ian Cusick from "Lost".
Just when I thought we would not see anyone from the show during our 16 days there. He was really cool to meet. No hang ups that I was buggin' him. Talked about surfing, what would be a good sized board to get, has he seen the Triple Crown contest going on at sunset beach. If I had my board shorts on I would have got a board and went out too. Ughh!!

Monday, December 25, 2006


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Cover by L.B. Cole